Odd Arts | Community
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"Odd Arts community projects respond to the interests, talents and needs of particular communities."

For more information and to find out about our work

Our Work

Odd Arts community projects respond to the interests, talents and needs of particular communities. These projects are underpinned by theatre, but often other mediums including: Film; community reporting; photography; craft / visual arts; music; creative writing.

Most community projects are bespoke, commissioned with a particular group and theme in mind. Our community projects work in close partnership with local councils, Police, youth centres and other community and grass-roots organisations.


Our Workshops

Our youtube channel shows many more examples of community focused projects including issues around: Knife crime; racism; Islamophobia; community cohesion; homelessness; child sexual exploitation, and healthy relationships to name a few.

Our Other Workshops

Odd Arts deliver a wide range of one-off workshops raise awareness of many issues which we feel are most relevant to the partners we are working with. You can find a selection of these workshops below:

Criminal Justice

Mental Health

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