Odd Arts | Cyber Bullying
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Cyber Bullying

"An interactive theatre performance and workshop focussing specifically on the role of the bystander."

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This workshop is an interactive theatre performance and workshop focussing specifically on the role of the bystander. Participants will take part in discussion, exercises, be an audience member as well as try to come up with solutions.

99% of students questioned in our Cyber Bullying survey said the package would make them do more to prevent cyber bullying and made them think more about the consequences.


Develop awareness of what constitutes ‘cyber bullying’ and other forms of bullying

Understand more about cyber safety and the law

Equip young people to be more confident about what to do if they experience bullying

Increase confidence and explore appropriate behaviour to challenge bullying, including the role of the bystander

Increased victim awareness

Signposting for support



Provide information and definitions for increased understanding on cyber bullying and its impact

Creative and interactive debate exploring similarities and differences between cyber and ‘face to face’ bullying

Live performance exploring cyber bullying, the role of the bystander and the impact of bullying

Hot-seating characters to increase victim awareness and understand the causes and triggers for bullying, also giving participants the opportunity to offer characters advice

Forum Theatre: The audience participate in the performance through seeking and exploring realistic solutions to the bullying

Workshop conclusion including basic internet security / privacy settings; reporting abuse; seeking support / signposting


Suitable for ages 11+

Workshop length 60 minutes

Up to 5 workshops per day

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