Community Safety


In 2012 we achieved:

  • Over 90% attendance and completion rates in community settings
  • Safer communities project delivered to over 1000 ‘hard to reach’ learners
  • 95% accreditation success rate for community learners
  • 98% of 1000 learners in 2013 anti-bullying programme survey said programme would make them change their behaviour

Our Community safety programmes address: Anti-Bullying Workshop; Anti-Extremism Package; Community Cohesion (INTERMIX);


 "Excellent, 100% participation by year 10 students. There are students in the group that have problems but the quality of the workshop allowed them to take part and feel comfortable. Fabulous actors. Perfect delivery"

( Mr Robinson, teacher)


An interactive workshop and performance package to highlight key issues around bullying; reduce incidents of bullying and increase support and confidence in dealing with it.

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INTERMIX reconnects hard to reach young people with their community through community reporting, enabling them to gain creative skills and challenge negative perceptions of young people.

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