Anti-Extremism Workshop

A workshop to challenge both the stereotype and promotion of terrorism and extremist views

Our Anti-Extremism Workshop was created in partnership with Blackburn Police. The workshop includes a hard hitting and realistic performance and workshop that challenge the stereotypes around terrorism, and highlight dangerous views and behaviour. It is a platform for discussion.

  • 2 hour workshop delivered between 5 & 50 participants in secure, community and education settings
  • Reduce risk of people supporting terrorism or extremist behaviour
  • Challenge stereotypes
  • Challenge apologists for terrorism
  • Provide information around reporting suspicious behaviour and the law
  • Create a platform for participants to ask questions
  • Highlight and explore warning signs leading up to terrorism or extremist views / behaviour
  • Increase community confidence and safety
  • Improve relations and increase trust in the Police
  • All inclusive packages available at two levels: £300 & £600. Unit head approx. £10 per session. Up to five sessions per day.