Odd Arts | Isolation to Radicalisation
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Isolation to Radicalisation

"Using professional actors and specialist facilitators to explore key issues around radicalisation."

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Isolation to Radicalisation is an interactive theatre programme using professional actors and specialist facilitators to explore key issues around radicalisation.


Enhance understanding of how isolation and marginalisation increases vulnerability

Highlight how organised radical groups can influence, groom and exploit

Increase confidence in terminology and speaking about issues related to radicalisation

Explore the issues that could lead to marginalisation and radicalisation

Highlight warning signs and triggers for radicalised (and other high risk) behaviour

Provide ideas and guidance of how to help someone at risk of radicalisation

Increase conflict resolution skills

Increase critical thinking skills



One hour workshop including interactive performance (forum theatre)

Interactive and creative discussion

Engagement with actors in performance in order to search for solutions

Post-performance discussion to explore triggers, warning signs and vulnerabilities



The workshop is 60 to 90 minutes long and can be repeated up to 5 times per day

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